Specialty Products

Specialty Products

We are happy to be able to bring you the newest in Hybrid lens technology. The Synergyes Duette and Ultrahealth lenses are great for people requiring a rigid contact lens due to corneal irregularity, or high astigmatism, but have been unable to tolerate the rigid lenses over long days.

SynergEyes hybrid contact lenses transform vision for patients with astigmatism, presbyopia and irregular cornea conditions. Since the first generation of hybrid lenses came to market in 2005, the company has continued to develop and deliver advancements in hybrid contact lens technologies. Generation 2 lenses combine new high-Dk (more breathable) materials with more comfortable, vision-optimized designs. In 2015, several new products expand the vision possibilities for patients that will benefit from this leading technology.

Please stop by the office and speak to one of our friendly staff members regarding our specials.

We were one of the first offices in Georgia to have this truly breakthrough product. It is one of the most breathable lenses available and has the highest water content of any lens ever made. It is a completely new lens technology that has done wonders for people that have tried contact lenses in the past, but were unable to continue with them due to dryness and discomfort issues. Now they are also available in a Bifocal/Multifocal option! Click on the picture above for a video about this unique lens.

This state of the art 'bifocal' contact lens provides a healthy option with superior comfort for patients needing reading help. They have quickly become the industry leader in multifocal lens fits. We keep diagnostic lenses in the office to make trying them as convenient as possible. Come in and see if these lenses are appropriate for you so you can be more free from the dependency of reading glasses. Click on the image to go to the Ciba Vision site for more information on the multifocal contact lenses.

Dr Barnes is excited to be able to offer the latest in contact lens technology. While not needed for everyone, the Jupiter Scleral Rigid Gas Permeable lenses are just another in the arsenal to ensure patients have every available option regarding contact lens fitting. The new Essilor Jupiter Scleral lens series lenses are specifically meant for very difficult contact lens fits- including very bad Keratoconus patients, post-surgical irregularities, trauma cases that have left the cornea scarred- just to name a few. They have also been found to be very helpful in fitting patients that have severely dry eyes. Duke University has had great success with these types of patients. If you have difficulty with your current lenses and have been recommended to have corneal surgery (transplant) in order to see better due to keratoconus- you need to try these lenses before surgery! If you are a current patient already wearing the lenses, clicking the Jupiter Scleral RGP lens logo above will take you to the 'insertion and removal' video.

Buy 4 multipacks and get $50 back (after rebate) on Air Optix Night& Day Aqua-the most Oxygen Permeable ('breathable') lenses available today!! So breathable they can be worn while sleeping for up to 30 continuous nights! Similar offers are available on other Ciba Vision contact lens products as well, including Air Optix Aqua, Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus and Air Optix Astigmatism and Mutlifocal lenses! Come in and talk with the Dr Barnes and see which lenses may be the most appropriate for you and your lifestyle. Click on the image above to go to the Ciba Vision site to get more information on the Night and day product.

Progent cleans lenses and loosens and removes surface protein deposits after a short soak without manual rubbing. To ensure comfort, eye health and to prolong the life of gas permeable lenses it is recommended that patients remove proteins with Menicon Progent bi-weekly. Previously approved for office use only, this solution is now approved and available for patient home use as directed by an eye care professional. Before using Progent please review the instructions provided by your eye care professional and Directions for use included in the Progent unit carton. We’ve also develop this animation for you to follow along. Please watch by clicking on the Progent box above.

The peroxide disinfectants are great at cleaning filmy lenses compared to multipurpose solutions, and for people who have a hard time using multipurpose solutions due to allergies to preservatives. Click on the ClearCare image above for an informative video on the disinfectant.

There is an option for Dry Eye patients that are tired of using drops all day. Prescription Lacrisert is a small insert that is placed into the pocket of your lower eyelid. Once inserted, the Lacrisert begins to gently dissolve within minutes.For most lacrisert users, just one insert placed in the eye each morning provides soothing lubrication the entire day! To view an informational video on how Lacrisert is inserted, please click on the Lacrisert image above.

Latisse - the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment for inadequate or not enough eyelashes, growing them longer,fuller and darker. Clicking on the image above will take you to the Latisse site for more information.

For all of you contact lens wearers out there I have an easy question for you- When do your lenses feel the best? I am sure most of you feel your contacts perform best and are most comfortable when they are NEW! That fresh contact lens is always something to look forward to- whether it is after 2 weeks or on a monthly basis. What if you can have that perfect, clean lens EVERY DAY!? The Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus lenses give you that option. They are the most popular single use lens, and for good reason- they feel great! They are a wonderful help for people with allergies, for people who travel frequently for work, who are tired of cleaning and disinfection of their current lenses. Come in and try the single use option. The lenses are available in astigmatism and multifocal options as well. Both you and your eyes deserve it!! The image above will take you to the Focus Dailies site.

We are now able to administer the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue test in the office. This is a highly specialized color vision test that is frequently required for military and law enforcement agencies. Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test has been used for over 50 years as the definitive standard for testing color discrimination- your ability to discriminate various shades of a given color. The test will tell if you are low, average or poor at discriminating color.