Meet The Staff

A friendly staff to meet your every vision health need. They are an integral part of our total team - focused on serving you.

While most offices struggle to have just one licensed optician on the staff (which is a minimum required by Georgia law), Midtown Eye Care has two fully licensed opticians with over 40 years combined optical experience. This ensures that when you have questions regarding your glasses, your prescription or just general questions regarding your eyewear purchase, the person helping you has gone through thousands of hours of training and exams and can answer the questions correctly. They not only are extremely knowledgeable regarding optics and the 'science' behind lens selection, but are also great at helping you pick out the frame that helps you look the best regarding the 'fashion' part of the process.

The doctor's staff have the same kind of experience. They are kept up to date with the newest and most advanced contact lens technologies. They are wonderful at helping people learn how to deal with contact lenses for the first time.