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You can schedule or reschedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Barnes or one of his associates at Midtown Eye Care. You will be sent an email or text message reminders.

We require 24 hour cancellation notice or 'No Show' fees will apply.

A note regarding the $50 'No Show' fee- We are working shorter hours and appointment slots are at a premium. I have been relaxed about enforcing the 'No show' fee in the past but have to become more strict going forward. If you call us and let us know you can't come, got hung up working, etc, that is fine. If you don't show up and you have not called to let us know, you WILL be charged the fee. There are other people that would have gladly taken the appointment slot that you took and did not use. By proceeding to schedule here, you acknowledge you understand the 'No show' policy and agree to keep your appointment or call us to reschedule.

Thank you
- Dr. Barnes

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