Our Practice

Our Office is Dedicated to Providing the Highest Quality Eye Care.

We provide a friendly yet professional atmosphere, along with convenient hours to make try and make your experience as pleasant as possible. We are open late during weekdays and we are open every Saturday for eye exams, contact lens exams and any red eye checks. Call and ask about 'Early Wednesday' appointments

Our high- tech exam process includes:

  • Glaucoma testing with an optic nerve imaging technique that is quickly becoming the gold standard for care. The software allows us to follow the anatomical changes to the optic nerve to ensure treatment is started appropriately if needed.

  • Digital retinal photos with the Canon DGi system, allowing for high resolution images to follow the most subtle retinal changes over time. This is an extremely high resolution camera that should not be confused with the lower resolution cameras that are marketed as 'alternatives' to a true dilated retinal exam. There is NO better way to look at the peripheral retina than by dilation but the photos can allow you to skip the drops if you are unable to do the dilation that day. Both Diabetics and Hypertensive patients should have dilated exams yearly.

  • Computerized peripheral visual field testing used for Glaucoma and Neurological testing

  • Eye exams performed by a licensed Doctor of Optometry- not a technician as in some other practice settings

  • Computerized corneal measurements that assist in contact evaluations

  • Glaucoma pressure testing with a non contact instrument (nothing physically touches the eye!). If the screening pressures seem suspicious or a patient is being followed for glaucoma, a different method is used to determine the intraocular pressures that requires drops to be put in the eyes.